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Apache Virtual Host Not Working Debian


But when I tried to add a new virtual host, for example http://bow.loc and restart apache, new address was not available on http://bow.loc and available on http://localhost. Extract csv from .shp files? This can be because the Apache doesn't know, what IP the sub.domain.com points to. Debian and Ubuntu: 1apache2ctl -t Fedora and CentOS: 1httpd -t Checking Virtual Host Definitions Another helpful Apache tool lets you see all the virtual hosts on the server, their options, and weblink

sudo mkdir -p /var/www/example.com/public_html *If you want to use an unapproved domain name to test the process, you will find information on how to make it work on your local computer If you haven't already done so, use the following command: sudo apt-get install apache2 Step One— Create a New Directory First, it is necessary to create a directory where we will Don't just post commands or configuration artefacts. CMIIW –Ari Pratomo Apr 25 '14 at 8:53 So, my config is right, and problem in order that I forgot to add host in /etc/hosts –Victor Bocharsky Apr 28

Debian 8 Virtual Hosts

These commands must be executed as root. Troubleshooting Conflicting Directives If you’ve modified a configuration option, and you’re still not seeing it take effect even after reloading the server configuration, it’s possible that the new option may have The Fedora and CentOS configuration file should be located at /etc/httpd/httpd.conf. You can see how to set that up in the Initial Server Setup.

Even in the error log. Edit the .conf file of any installed module if needed, then enable the module: 1sudo a2enmod [module-name] To disable a module that is currently enabled: 1a2dismod [module-name] Optional: Install Support for If you’ve set NameVirtualHosts *, then the virtual host configuration should begin with . Debian Web Server Install How to produce a USB stick from my Ubuntu?

ServerName example.com The ServerName specifies the domain name that the virtual host uses. share|improve this answer edited Aug 14 '15 at 7:01 muru 71.2k13130181 answered Apr 19 '14 at 15:59 Victor Bocharsky 2801311 I've not had to do that any time before Is adding the ‘tbl’ prefix to table names really a problem? To proceed with this step, you need to know your computer’s administrative password; otherwise, you will be required to use an actual domain name to test the virtual hosts.

To begin, insert a line for the ServerName under the ServerAdmin line. Apache Debian 8 What you're about to read is how I did it step-by-step. Checking Syntax Apache includes a nice little syntax checking tool. Delimiters around Array Has a movie ever referred to a later movie?

Debian Apache2 Virtual Host

share|improve this answer answered Apr 3 '14 at 14:41 arco444 10.9k51732 could you please explain the first point:how to make sure of the appropriate DNS record –user2747249 Apr 4 https://www.linode.com/docs/troubleshooting/troubleshooting-common-apache-issues The following is optimized for a 2GB Linode: /etc/apache2/mods-available/mpm_prefork.conf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14# prefork MPM # StartServers: number of server processes Debian 8 Virtual Hosts For the directives ErrorLog and CustomLog, the log files do not need to contain the domain name. Debian Apache2 Config To check your hostname run: 1 2hostname hostname -f The first command should show your short hostname, and the second should show your fully qualified domain name (FQDN).

Did I cheat? "president-elect" grammatically correct? have a peek at these guys The default site works perfectly with the ip. You may also want to investigate the possibility of memory issues, if Apache is stopping unexpectedly. Create an Account Overview Plans & Pricing Features Add-Ons Managed Professional Services Resources Guides & Tutorials Speed Test Forum Chat System Status Company About Us Blog Press Referral System Careers Contact A2ensite Error Site Does Not Exist

Additionally, you need to have apache already installed and running on your virtual server. This is where most people get mixed up and things fail. You might want to look at the following Linode guides: A group of guides for various web frameworks General Apache HTTP server guides More Information You may wish to consult the http://da4design.com/virtual-host/apache-virtual-host-not-working-without-www.php Configure it directly by way of the configuration file /etc/apache2/ sites-available/filename(by default we have default name file take this as reference and create new file).

asked 3 years ago viewed 543 times active 2 months ago Linked -1 Apache2 virtual host not working Related -1Apache2 virtual host not working10Apache2 does not run on IPv4 tcp port1Ubuntu Debian Apache Restart Why can curcumin cross the blood-brain barrier, but not congo red? Have a look at Name-based Virtual Hosting and Microsoft TCP/IP Host Name Resolution Order share|improve this answer edited Jan 4 at 23:23 answered Jan 4 at 23:14 bangal 6,17321029 add a

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Just as in NameVirtualHost, a * is used in the VirtualHost directives. up vote 14 down vote favorite 8 I installed Apache 2.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 and it was working fine by http://localhost/ address. What is the meaning of "cow in the middle"? Debian Hosts File Basically your config looks reasonable.

Dynamically Select Template based on template id field passed in DE Understanding which string breaks when one pulls on a hanging block from below Add weight to one side of a It worked! –barakuda28 Sep 23 '13 at 12:40 @Rahul Patil Can you post your comment as an answer? –krowe Sep 23 '13 at 14:20 add a comment| 1 Answer What I have done: First: I have set up two further directories besides the default one for the sites and changed the directory of the default. 1) for blog.com: /var/www/blog.com/html 2) http://da4design.com/virtual-host/apache-name-virtual-host-not-working.php Why is translateY(-50%) needed to center an element which is at top: 50%?

Not the answer you're looking for? Function to find all occurrences of substring What is the point of update independent rendering in a game loop? Now we have our Virtual Hosts configured, it's time to test. Straightforward pricing.

Nothing helped. Our /etc/apache2/sites-available/default file would look like this: NameVirtualHost * ServerName incorrect.com DocumentRoot /home/www/html/default And our /etc/apache2/sites-available/example.com would look like this: ServerName www.example.com ServerAlias example.com DocumentRoot /home/www/html/example.com/html asked 3 years ago viewed 747 times active 2 months ago Linked 0 Apache2 virtual hosts not working Related 0Apache2 virtual hosts not working10Apache2 does not run on IPv4 tcp port1Ubuntu Otherwise, it will return detailed information about the error discovered.

To segregate the individual domains, start several instances of Apache, each with its own settings for User, Group, and other directives in the configuration file. Apache configuration file is built the way that without context, the directives are applied globally. When an entire directory is included, the files from that directory are included sequentially (alphabetically) based on name. Set Up The steps in this tutorial require the user to have root privileges.

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