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Ajax Not Working On Ie6


They went away when I read the request fully before starting to write the response (even though in my case I was using POST, not GET request, so the body of It’s possible though that this is a very common problem. They said that the "form didn't work" and that "nothing was happening" when they pressed the submit button. They automatically assume that the form isn't working, even though it is.To be honest, I stumbled upon the issue by mistake. http://da4design.com/not-working/ajax-in-ajax-not-working.php

In the vast majority of cases, this list is blank, simply because this is the first time that the user is visiting the page. https://drupal.org/project/imagefield_crop/git-instructions But you should use $ instead of jQuery, https://drupal.org/node/121997 and I do not have IE10 on my hand, I think the msie code should also works for Chrome and ff? Reply Satheesh Thomas Posted June 23, 2013 at 7:21 PM A Big THANKS to Gishan. Crucial Differences Between Bing & AdWords To Consider When Setting Up Your CampaignsFinco on Hacked? http://www.itworld.com/article/2693447/ajax-requests-not-executing-or-updating-in-internet-explorer-solution.html

Ajax Not Working In Ie 11

Can help me make it work in IE when the user is not logged in.. thx. External software conflicts ↑ Back to Top There are also numerous reports about external software hooking into Internet Explorer, like "Free Download Manager" and "Download Accelerator Plus". How do unlimited vacation days work?

Excuse me for me bad English but i hope this will help someone! CategoriesAbandoned WebsitesCall of DutyCodeData DownloadsDayZFantasy FootballFootballFunnyGamingIrelandJavaScriptMySQLNostalgiaPeople of the InternetPHP TutorialsProgramming HumorRantSEO / WebmasterTips & TricksTwitter TrendsUncategorizedVideosWexfordWexford News Toolbox Premier League Fixtures Difficulty Skip to main content Skip to search Main Menu This includes ASP.NET Ajax controls as ASP.NET Script Resource (ScriptResource.axd) uses jQuery. Ajax Call Not Working In Ie8 I have no idea why IE is so hell-bent on caching the results of Ajax GET requests.

If not, use the dev tools on IE to see what the headers are saying, might give you a clue. Jquery Ajax Not Working In Ie Can I sell a stock immediately? Reply suylong Posted June 27, 2013 at 1:49 PM The problem I am having now is with GET, IE 10 seem to response with 302 status, even thought the value has try here This saved me a lot of pain and anguish.

Carol on September 8, 2012 Reply I an not a computer buff could you ive a step by step procedure

The XDR seems like the only alternative to jsonp, but I'm not seeing it working.

Matt Mombrea on April 9, 2012 Reply Andrew, Check these posts to see if the Internet Explorer 11 Ajax Caching Any thoughts? For example in C#:HttpContext.Current.Response.AddHeader("Cache-Control","no-cache,no-store");jQueryFinally, if you’re using jQuery, you can specify that you don’t want to cache the response from your AJAX requests either across the board using the $.ajaxSetup() method file index.html AJAX GET test