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Advantage Ii For Cats Not Working


Garlic and onions can trigger hemolytic anemia. I only had to treat the house once every 6 months. Advantage and Frontline are worthless in CA and probably other warm states where people use the treatments over and over again. I followed all their instructions which included re-dose in 2 wks from original dosage, vacuum every day, use pet-friendly flea spray all over house and their beds. http://da4design.com/not-working/advantage-for-cats-not-working.php

Like most OTC flea products, they are mininally regulated and can be very dangerous. The fleas can crawl out of the vacuum bag/garbage. I'm not sure what the vet gave our dogs and cat, but it was some kind of injection, along with a flea bath, and between the vet and exterminator, almost 400.00 NATURAL SOLUTIONS Sometimes in the hunt for a more ‘natural’ way to protect our pets, all sorts of weird and wonderful recommendations are made on the internet. http://blog.petmeds.com/ask-the-vet/flea-medication-not-working-on-pets/

My Cat Still Has Fleas After Treatment

Pupal fleas mature and emerge as adults over a wide time span. Fleas are a problem in warm humid areas, particularly in high density living. Applied correctly, one application of diatomaceous earth keeps fleas for years with no side effects at all. I love that my kiddos no longer have fleas and I'm not putting poison on them to kill/prevent them!

You must treat the indoor environment. If you don't want to use chemical premise treatments, you could use salt and baking soda, which seemed to work for us. I put this on my dog 9/10, but am not sure if I put it on right. What To Do When Frontline Doesn't Work Topicals such as Frontline, Advantage, etc.

This year we were supposed to go back to Frontline, we did and it didn't help. I put down Borax on the rugs. So, you will still see a few fleas here and there until the infestation completely ends. Joined 11/2013 Location: Laguna Woods between the beach and the mountains in SoCal Select All Posts By This User Revolution once a month on the back of the neck on each

The tiny eggs, larvae or pupae live in the environment, commonly concentrated around resting areas. Advantage 2 Not Working You can apply it directly to the carpet, rugs, etc... Below is a list of four options to help control fleas on your pet and in your home, even if your pet is already on a monthly flea medicine. Is it really possible, or is it user error?

Flea Treatment Not Working On Cat

You summed up my frustration completely. http://www.1800petmeds.com/education/flea-medicine-not-working-7.htm I have mixed my own, with Vinegar and Dawn Dish Soup, one cup Each mixed in a bottle and then I bathed him with it. My Cat Still Has Fleas After Treatment The drought conditions here in California are not helping. Cat Still Has Fleas After Frontline Bedding is being washed every three days, Roomba does the floors daily and I follow up with the nozzle attachment on a regular vacuum around the baseboards a couple times a

Thank you, Jennifer Michael DymAugust 19, 2016 at 3:41 pm · Reply Hard to say. this contact form But better than poisoning my pet! Something has to work. Rotate flea control products to prevent resistance to any single product. Can I Reapply Flea Treatment Early

Joined 7/2013 Select All Posts By This User We've always used Frontline our vet refused to sell Advantage because it didn't last as long. Always check with your own vet before using any information learned here or trying any treatments on your own. I had great control in CT with animal and Inhouse treatment alone due to the cold winters. http://da4design.com/not-working/advantage-not-working.php Vet said 3 months of treatment should solve the problem.

The only repellent-style products available are Pyrethrim-based such as Permoxin and these are very toxic to cats. Flea Medicine Not Working I have heard that the active ingredients are not measured precisely and you may be purchasing a product that could either have a lesser or more potent amount of the active You could go with the Revolution but that is also a dewormer.

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I was applying this to my male cat every 14 days and he was still covered in fleas and scabs. Contact Us We're Here To Help – Call Us 1300 LOV PET Head Office 36/1 Macquarie Pl Sydney NSW 2000 Australia P: 1300 568 738 Customer Service Support Shipping Returns Security That way each dog got exactly the right dose. Cat Still Has Fleas After Advantage It can be sprinkled in carpets or swept into the gaps in your floorboards and acts to kill flea eggs and larvae.

I do not want to poison them. I would rather spend a little more and know I am getting the precise dose and not doing harm to my precious furbabies. The advantage seems to be working on the smaller cat but the larger cat has more fleas. http://da4design.com/not-working/advantage-not-working-on-cat.php We've moved to Comfortis for our dogs which is working fine, for now.posted by mikesch at 4:13 PM on July 27, 2010 Mikesch - I'm in La Jolla, no wonder!!

My personal preference in cats for oral pills is comfortis. My sister has a Shih tzu as well and when she got fleas she used Hartz Ultra Guard Pro triple action flea drops. Read More Sponsored Embed photo Open Photo in New Window... All Rights Reserved.

Like Bookmark January 16, 2009 at 6:52PM Thank you for reporting this comment. I am not pleased at what I paid for it and yet he is still covered in Fleas. I applied another dose of advantage to him. My house is always clean, I have hardwood floors, I vacuum and clean the floors twice a week, I wash the throw rugs, I comb my kitties w/a flea comb every

Bayer, the manuf., did not give me a refund nor did they acknowledge my request. DO FLEAS HARM? I don't feel comfortable at all that she knew what she was talking about and the vet wasn't at the mobile clinic yet. You have not failed.

Ideally all animals should be on flea control and stray cats should be kept away from your yard. It will work similar to a flea bomb in helping to control the immature flea life stages. I don't have a huge problem here? Check out this video of the flea life-stages.