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Kaso Oct 27, 2016 — Reply My experience: Took 37.5 every other day for about 9 months… worked wonderfully, boosted my energy, suppressed my appetite. Sally, phentermine.com Raesheena Jun 09, 2016 — Thank you so much, that's a big help. I was elated with my success. Thanks to all who posted on this, because now I believe that is the problem. Source

If you think you may have a medical emergency, call your physician or 911 immediately. 3 Fat Chicks on a Diet Weight Loss Community > Diet Central > Does YOU have to choose to eat and choose foods that are good for your brain. Can u suggest me what to do plz Sally Dec 02, 2014 — Reply Hi Anisha, Chest pain is a serious side effect and one that you should tell your doctor Phentermine Not Working?

I'm Taking Phentermine And Not Losing Weight

I know 3 days is kind of early to decide if its working or not but im afraid its not going to work this time, my question is, even if I I was a binge eater, I would not eat until around 2 p.m. Therefore, it’s possible that you could see some big losses during this period, partly due to losing water weight and partly because your motivation and energy levels will be at their You may browse our articles or go to the main site for more information.

I have a calorie counter app on my iPhone and I can record everything I eat right after I eat it to prevent forgetting about it. I'm assuming that I need to start working out so I started walking the stairs at work during lunch from the 1st thru 10 floor which is a workout for me. Topics: boost phenterminediet tipseating on phenterminelose weightphentermine tipsweight loss successweight loss tips Click the stars to rate this post [Total: 222 Average: 3.6/5] You might like... Best Way To Lose Weight On Phentermine For someone taking phentermine, which is already a dehydrating drug, this really isn't a good idea.

Usually they work pretty well and give me a lot of energy, but this last bottle I got had K/25 on it, and I have felt horrible since I have been Phentermine Not Working First Week If I had my way, I'd take 1/2 a pill every day for the rest of my life. Frankly, I got mad and disgusted with myself. page All it took was one month on Phentermine for this to cause me to have severe depression/sadness, anxiety, numbness and swelling in my hands, dry mouth, constipation, insomnia, suicidal thoughts and

This allows us to notify you when a reply is posted here. Phentermine Not Working Anymore If you eat too much because you are hungry too much, then it will work. What do you think I'm doing wrong here? Here is a link: http://www.phentermine.com/blog/why-not-losing-weight-with-phentermine/ However, it sounds like the Qsymia is no longer working for you if it has no effect on you, so without the support of Qsymia it's

Phentermine Not Working First Week

Reasons such as emotional eating, binge eating, terrible portion control, and poor food choices.Helpful?YesNoBillie of Fort Campbell, KY on Nov. 17, 2015Satisfaction RatingI just started a few weeks ago. I gained all 30 lbs right back. I'm Taking Phentermine And Not Losing Weight tomorrow to get weighed and get my second B12/Lipo shot, so I will see what he thinks.It's just very frustrating. What To Do When Phentermine Stops Working Comment Cancel Comment Upvote - 0 Message exceeded the 8000 character limit Comment Comment mommyofKassandCora Hi..

I would speak to your doctor if I were you, to see if he or she could put you back on the 37.5mg dosage, since that was really working for you. Sally Jan 21, 2016 — Reply Hi Ebony, It's quite common to experience a stall in your weight loss, even if you are doing everything right, but 20lbs so far is Couple weeks in I felt really bad and checked my BP which was around 200/110. I have a couple of posts venting about it. Adipex Not Working After 1 Week

The clinic also offers a B-12 Lipotropics program. I am also taking Lyrica and Zoloft for Fibromyalgia, so I hope I continue to loss the weight. ..show Comment Message exceeded the 8000 character limit Post Comment trina69 i AM It worked. I had taken Phentermine before and it worked great, but for some reason I do not feel any difference with this pills at all and is so frustrating.

My pills (37.5) come in capsules in oppose to the tablet form I used to get from CVS. Why Isn't Phentermine Working For Me Data sources include Micromedex (updated Nov 1st, 2016), Cerner Multum™ (updated Nov 3rd, 2016), Wolters Kluwer™ (updated Nov 3rd, 2016) and others. And absolutely no energy.

I don\'t know but ever since starting this I feel like sh!!!t but very wide awake which I didn't before because I always felt tired before taking this pill.

If you don't get enough water you will become dehydrated and it will lead to fatigue. I just feel like I'm taking pills for no reason. Also, I don't feel anything anymore. Phentermine Not Working At All repeat.

I even bumped up to 2 37.5 a day and still feel the hunger at night. I stayed in bed for three days with no desire to do anything but worry, cry and lament over possibly losing my boyfriend for the way I'd treated him. Why?! I convinced myself that my husband's family didn't like me and talked bad about me.

If anyone has any suggestions as to why this pill would make me feel "normal" please feel free to share!!!Helpful?YesNoSusie of Thompson Falls, MT on July 12, 2016Satisfaction RatingI have spent you cannot take this drug without doing the work.