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Alternatiff Not Working


Tools -> Show Error Log. Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main\FeatureControl, there should be a number of keys whose names start with "FEATURE_". This should tell you the plug-in file's name (e.g. "npzzatif.dll" for AlternaTIFF), but it may not tell the location of that file, which can be important information when you're trying to That's the status message displayed by AlternaTIFF after it has requested the TIFF document from the web browser (and, indirectly, the web site), but before it has received any response to

Download 32-bit version: alternatiff-pl-w32-2.0.8.exe - For 32-bit browsers on any version of Windows. When in Zooming mode (the magnifying glass on the toolbar), left-click anywhere on the image to activate the full-screen zoom function. (If the image is a "hot-link", or you are in Or, clicking the attachment name could cause it to open your web browser, which then uses AlternaTIFF to display the image. How do I get it back? http://www.alternatiff.com/install-ie/reinstall.html

Alternatiff Activex

Shrinks or enlarges the image so that it is the same width as the window. If you have problems: Note that this page is only for Internet Explorer. If all of the tests are successful, then it is installed correctly, and there is probably a problem with the web site you're using, not with AlternaTIFF.

It probably indicates that a web server malfunction caused the TIFF file to be corrupted. Archive -- Some older versions may still be available here Questions about installing or using AlternaTIFF may be sent by email to [email protected], but please read the FAQ first, or you More Settings -> Advanced -> Allow Web Pages to Print Without Confirmation. Tiff Files Not Opening In Internet Explorer If you're the web site author, a possible workaround is described in Microsoft's knowledge base article Q311757. 2.

For example, instead of: maybe you can use: or even: Make sure the URL does not contain any illegal Alternatiff Test For more information about scripting, follow the "Technical documentation" link at the top of this document. It is important to know that the install.bat script included with the ZIP file version does not actually copy any files. his explanation Generated Sun, 13 Nov 2016 21:19:49 GMT by s_wx1194 (squid/3.5.20) Automatically installing AlternaTIFF If you have Internet Explorer on your PC and you want to download AlternaTIFF, you can use the

If you do not wish to install this update, AlternaTIFF may continue to notify you periodically that an updated version is available. Alternatiff Windows 10 More Settings -> Advanced -> Stretch to Fill Print Region. Returning a TIFF file directly from a form POST. (Basically, any method other than using or .) If you try any of these things in IE, you may encounter problems. The image cannot be displayed by AlternaTIFF.

Alternatiff Test

Unfortunately, this "reactivation" feature will usually not work in Windows Vista and newer versions of Windows. http://www.alternatiff.com/technical.html However, it is a relatively minor security violation, and it may be worth the risk in some circumstances, so you have the option of giving web sites permission to do this. Alternatiff Activex How do I detect if the visitor has AlternaTIFF installed? Tiff Plugin For Chrome It's unclear whether it's been fixed by a later update.

Then press the Uninstall button. To install, download the alternatiff-ax-wXX-2.x.x.zip file; then create a folder (for example, "C:\Program Files\AlternaTIFF") and unzip the contents of the ZIP file into it. Uninstallation Uninstallation of the ActiveX version Try one or more of the methods below, depending on how you installed AlternaTIFF, and the versions of Internet Explorer and Windows you're using. There are several different ways that a TIFF attachment could be handled, each of which may or may not be satisfactory to you. Alternatiff Registration

This setting has no effect unless you have more than one monitor. This is the preferred method. Why can I only print one page of a multi-page document? More Settings -> Advanced -> Allow scripts to open local files.

Microsoft has an article that tells how to identify problems downloading ActiveX controls. Free Tiff Viewer There is nothing wrong with doing that, but our ability to help with problems will be limited. Make sure you have permission to install and run ActiveX controls on your computer.

Try to install it again from the auto-install page.

Look in the Options/Preferences (and/or Tools -> Add-ons) settings for a section named "Plug-ins" or "Applications" or "File Types" or "Downloads" or "Programs" or something like that. Windows 95/98/ME: No. Press the Install button to complete the installation. Tiff Viewer Internet Explorer If you send us a copy of the file, we'll take a look at it.

If you do not have any internet access whatsoever, yet have somehow managed to acquire a copy of AlternaTIFF and this FAQ, we can only suggest that you ask a friend More Settings -> Default Background Color. Typing the TIFF URL directly into the Address bar, or using File->Open->Browse, etc. This is done via a TCP connection to the machine "server.alternatiff.com" (or "alternatiff-server.mieweb.com" in some versions), port 80.

Here's a list of scripting methods, but you will find that there's no easy way to open an image file. The user can initiate an immediate check by right-clicking, choosing "Tools", then "Check for new version". The feature can be turned off by right-clicking, choosing "More Settings" from the menu, then unchecking "Automatically check for new version" if it is checked. If it says "Number of pages: 1", then the reason is that the TIFF file only has one page.