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Any ideas? How to Use This Manual A Quick Introduction Gnumeric Elements Overview Menus Context Menus Toolbars Data Entry Area The Cell Grid The Information Area The Mouse Pointers used by Gnumeric Working For example, I have a worksheet with a list of scientific journals and I fill in the issues I have browsed. For an explanation of the file formats which Gnumeric supports see Section 14.5 ― Saving Files. 4.2.11. Help Menu The Help menu is quite simple. have a peek at these guys

You can customize this number using the preference facility described in Chapter 13 ― Configuring Gnumeric. The Depends menu item selects all the cells which contain formula that reference data in the current cell. menu item opens a dialog box through which a user can create derived information based on data in other worksheets. If data are to be entered into a series of rows or columns, this region can be selected ahead of time thereby modifying the behaviour of the data entry keys (the Go Here

arcean2010-08-31, 20:05Very very glad with this update . Andreas -- Andreas J. And it's a pity that recently used items had been lost during menu hildonization. And send a file with translations to me ;) arcean2010-10-05, 21:51I've just uploaded Gnumeric 1.10.11 for Maemo to the Extras-devel.

If I remember right, this did not work in the previous version as well, but worked in all other versions. Until then cut has not had an effect on the worksheet. The context menus are discussed in Section 3.10.

Both the main menus, on the menubar, and context menus may have sub-menus. Autoformat... — This menu item opens the autoformat dialog to give user access to a list of format templates.

For instance, almost all applications have a File menu through which the user can access the computer's filesystem to open or save their work. This menu gives users powerful editing operations such as the ability to undo recent changes, the ability to cut and paste selections of cells and the ability to search for specific And gnumeric runs on more platforms than excel and almost as many as open office. Now I use the stylus or keys to move.

Manage Sheets... This really works for me but my problem is with the arrows. * just start typing. Select both the cells just entered. Dassen (Ray)) Bug is archived.

Weng: why don't you spend some of all that energy getting the actual bug fixed in fcitx and/or ibus instead of bothering innocent victims? https://help.gnome.org/users/gnumeric/stable/sect-gui-menus.html.en Press-and-hold Alt and press the underlined letter to open the associated menu. fraaaaanka2010-08-04, 22:03brilliant!!!!!!! The Binomial distribution is a discrete distribution in which the experiment consists of n identical trials.

Figure 4-14 The Format Menu and Its Cells Submenu. More about the author goetz2011-02-16, 06:05Thanks for putting gnumeric into extras-testing, already voted for it. :) There are some dependencies for package gnumeric (http://maemo.org/packages/package_instance/view/fremantle_extras-testing_free_armel/gnumeric/1.10.12-2/): libgoffice-0-8 (http://maemo.org/packages/package_instance/view/fremantle_extras-testing_free_armel/libgoffice-0-8/0.8.12-1/), libgoffice-0-8-common (http://maemo.org/packages/package_instance/view/fremantle_extras-testing_free_armel/libgoffice-0-8-common/0.8.12-1/), and libgsf (http://maemo.org/packages/package_instance/view/fremantle_extras-testing_free_armel/libgsf-1/1.14.19-1/) They are also in Send To... — The Send To... The corrections are configured and activated using the `AutoCorrect' dialog, available via Auto Correct in the Tools menu.

Changes: * Fixed: 'Up' and 'Down' arrows don't work with some kbd layouts. * Fixed: Broken 'Validation' page in 'Format' dialog. * Added: List of recently used files. * Added: Visibility The bug does not occur if Insert Row is performed via the menu. The user can determine a sort order for the selection. check my blog This is done by clicking and holding on the tab and dragging it away from the Gnumeric window.

For more information, see Section 11.6.3 ― Manage Sheets dialog. opens a dialog for entering the location of a link. Only text that ends to a dot is considered a sentence.

Gnumeric will not necessarily know when that data has been updated so a user can force Gnumeric to recalculate all the cells in the current workbook. 6 General Configuration of Gnumeric.

Furthermore, the user can insert the selection while transforming all the contents into values only. menu item opens a dialog which allows users to sort a selection according to defined criteria. great application, I have a question about the shortcuts, in the insert special data menu there is an option to insert Actual Date and Actual Time with the shortcuts Ctrl+; and Gnumeric finally landed it Extras-testing :).

The Go to Top, Go to Bottom, Go to the First, Go to the Last, menu items move the selection within a rectangular block of data cells. That is not a Gnuemric bug. If this is done repeatedly, the fifth time the Enter key is pressed, the selection will not move to cell C9 but will jump up to cell D4. news Dassen (Ray)" To: [email protected] Cc: Drew Parsons , [email protected] Subject: Re: Bug#544975: gnumeric: keyboard control disabled after "Insert Row" Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 15:32:10 +0200 tags 544975 + upstream

marvelous . About —Shows basic information about Gnumeric, such as the authors' names and the application version number. Hide Zeros — When this property is enabled, Gnumeric displays all cells which would display a zero value as empty cells. Search & Replace... — The Search & Replace..

Acknowledgement sent to [email protected]: Extra info received and forwarded to list. arcean2011-05-29, 13:54Gnumeric updated to 1.10.15-1 Changes: - app updated to 1.10.15 - performance improvements - fixed bug #6880 ("Mouse cursor shouldn't appear") arcean2011-06-25, 00:17I've just uploaded Gnumeric 1.10.16-1. arcean2010-09-25, 20:19Version 1.10.10-8 is in extras-devel. Now I learn Python because of gnumeric do not have something dynamic.

I've been using gnumeric via "easy debian" and this will make life much easier. Copy sent to J.H.M. A full discussion of these tools is presented in Section 7.1 ― Solver. Uniform Random Distribution Specify the range of the continuous random variable with the “Between:” and “And:” entries.

Notification sent to Drew Parsons : Bug acknowledged by developer. (Fri, 04 Sep 2009 22:12:12 GMT) Full text and rfc822 format available. This dialog is used to set cell data types and formats. This channel is used by the Gnumeric developers. For example, the region from cell C4 to cell E8 can be selected by clicking with the left mouse button on cell C4 and dragging the mouse cursor to cell E8.

Gnumeric currently only allows single range selections for these operations. Figure 4-5 The Edit menu. Auto Save — The Auto Save menu item opens a dialog which allows the user to have Gnumeric automatically save the current workbook after a fixed interval of time. I, for example, would use the scroll mode only occasionally, but normaly like to have quick editing in normal mode.

pelago2011-04-27, 10:52I don't know how DropN900 works, but is the problem that the files are open in Gnumeric when you're trying to sync? act as if it were the Paste menu item. Your message did not contain a Subject field. Users can also restore edit using a button on the standard toolbar and through the associated menu.